The Surfside School P.S. 329
Parent Coordinator
Leah Alexis

Hello, my name is Leah Alexis;


I plan to address the needs of the parents to become activity involved in the academic development of your children. I realize that raising children in these difficult economic times is challenging, but through planned workshops we hope to ease the stress and bring resources to you and your family.


I am here to help you and your child with any problems, concerns and issues that you may have.


I am looking forward to developing a positive, creative and productive relationship with you and other parents to create the best learning environment for your children. I believe by working together as a team we can accomplish great things.


I welcome all your questions, suggestions and help.


My phone number is: (718) 996-3800

My office is located in room 148.
Last Modified on May 5, 2016